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The original firm, Thuemmel and Uhle was founded in 1987.  Bill Uhle and Bob Thuemmel met at the University of Oregon School of law in 1974.  The two formed a strong friendship in school and remained close after graduating. After ten years building great reputations as trial attorneys in their own practices, the two realized that they could be stronger together as law partners.

best Oregon personal injury lawyer and DUI attorneyIn 2004, Ben Eder was a third year law student at the University of Oregon.  He clerked for the King County Prosecutor in Seattle but wanted to live in his hometown of Portland.  Ben clerked as a prosecutor and tried to get into the courtroom as much as possible.  After one trial, he asked his boss who were the best trial attorneys.  Ben sought out the list of lawyers to learn from.  Bill Uhle became a willing mentor.  Ben spent hours watching trials, discussing trial strategy and learning from the best.  In 2005, Ben started working for Thuemmel and Uhle.
After years of success, Ben was named a partner in 2012 and equity partner is 2013 and managing partner in 2015.
In 2014, David Eder joined Thuemmel Uhle and Eder.  After more than eight years as a City Attorney, David prosecuted hundreds of cases and represented the City on civil cases.  Thuemmel Uhle and Eder knew that his trial skills could be an asset to the firm and David was brought into the firm as a partner.  Within a year of David was obtaining millions in civil lawsuits through trial, arbitration and settlements.  David is licensed in Oregon and Washington.
In 2017, Bill Uhle and Bob Thuemmel retired.  Their reputations for integrity, courtroom brilliance and dedication to improving the practice of law has not been forgotten.  Ben and David carry the legacy that Bill and Bob built by representing clients like they are close personal friends or family.

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“I have worked with both Ben and David Eder on a professional level for several years, so I know how well they look out for their clients. When I was injured in a car accident they were the first attorneys I called. Their customer service is excellent.”

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Our History

  • 2017 – Bill Uhle and Bob Thuemmel retire
  • 2014 – David Eder joins the firm with his brother Ben
  • 2012 – Ben Eder becomes a partner
  • 2005 – Ben Eder joins the firm
  • 2004 – Ben Eder begins mentoring with the firm
  • 1987 – Bill Uhle and Bob Thuemmel form partnership
  • 1974 – Founders Bill Uhle and Bob Thuemmel meet in law school